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Help your friends and family save hundreds off of their bills.  


    Your friends and colleagues are probably paying too much...

    If their services are with a Canadian telecom company, there's a good chance they're paying too much.

    We can help. We will renegotiate their plan on their behalf..

    This will often result in one time credits to their account, reduced monthly bills, or both.

    Their services don't change & they don't have to switch providers. They just save money.

    And when they save, you get paid. 

    In fact, if you are approved for our affiliate program, you'll earn 10% of whatever we charge just for introducing us to your friends and colleagues. 

    How it Works

    1. Apply

    Complete the Registration Form. We will review your application you you will be notified if your status within 2 business days. 

    2. Share Your Link

    Once approved, you will have a custom link where your friends and colleagues can go to submit their information for us to see how much we can save them.

    3. Have Friends Thanking You

    Not only will people be thinking you, but you will receive an affiliate payment from us within 60 days of our invoice being paid. 

    Results. Guaranteed.

    We Work With All Your "Favourite" Providers

    We'll work on any bill you send us - cable, cell phone, home phone, internet... you name it & we'll take care of it!

    Plus More...

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