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  • I just experienced possibly the very best customer service of all time thanks to Micheal. He went above and beyond and exceeded all my expectations. Got me a sweet deal on the new iPhone and got my internet account fixed with Rogers. He is such a pleasure to deal with, guides you every step of the way. I am so impressed! What a remarkable person and company. Highly recommended to everyone. Truly amazing service.

    Katy B KB Avatar
    Katy B KB
  • Easy, efficient, clean. Total Savings : 381.35$ and off contract. Highly Recommended.

    Corey Sheikh Avatar
    Corey Sheikh
  • I honestly don’t know how they do it. Bill busters has saved us so much money on our phone bill AND our internet bill, even giving us extra data and instant credit to our account. This service is absolutely worth it. You won’t regret it!

    Ashley Izikson Avatar
    Ashley Izikson
  • I just had the best experience possible! Not only did Michael and his team get my mobile and internet bills reduced monthly, they also got me an instant credit of $228.60 on my Bell bill. I am so happy to recommend them to anyone who pays bills �

    Nicola Wolters Avatar
    Nicola Wolters
  • They definitely provide an amazing service. They were able to get me close to $200 in credits as well as lower my monthly rate plan. Thank you to the whole team specially Rayelle who got me these awesome savings as well as Natalie for being in constant touch with me.

    Iftikhar Qamar Avatar
    Iftikhar Qamar
  • I am so impressed with the services of Bill Busters. They were able to save me $1200 on my Bell bills. I would 100% recommend to anyone wanting to get a better deal on their services.

    Jody McCombe Avatar
    Jody McCombe
  • Billbusters saved me over $800 a year on our 2 cell phones!

    Chelsea Boissonneault Avatar
    Chelsea Boissonneault
  • Amazing service, I would absolutely recommend to anyone looking to get refunded back as well as save on their monthly bill. Can’t thank Bill Busters enough for all the savings!! :-)

    Julie Bruno Avatar
    Julie Bruno
  • Micheal is absolutely amazing!! After contacting him he got back to me asap and had results for me within an hour. After all said and done he got me close to $1000 in credits and savings on my mobile plan!! I highly recommend Bill Busters Canada.

    Karla Marshall Avatar
    Karla Marshall
  • Took care of a hefty bill with great service. Recommend to everyone!

    Anthony Donnelly Avatar
    Anthony Donnelly
  • The team at Bill Busters is awesome. Great service and delivered as advertised!! Cant go wrong and definitely worth exploring how the can help you.

    Robert Zwanenburg Avatar
    Robert Zwanenburg
  • I went to billbusters over 5 months ago for help and thought i scored big the first time. That doesn’t even begin to describe what Candice worked out for me the second round! The amount of savings and credits she got me will surely make my bank account a lot happier! These guys are just amazing to work with!

    Jaime Quesnel Avatar
    Jaime Quesnel
  • I am not usually one to post things like this ... but I could not resist. At first I was skeptical, but after reading reviews and hearing several close friends refer Michael's services, I thought, why not? What do I have to lose?? Well, I can not say enough good things about Michael and billbusters.ca. Not only did Bill Busters save me time by dealing with Telus and Bell on my behalf, but also managed to save me over $920!!! Give Michael a call ... I promise you won't regret it!!

    Stephanie Oswald Avatar
    Stephanie Oswald
  • These guys are the real deal! No BS!! Service is polite and professional.

    They managed to save me $618.25 on my cell phone services. Even if you think you've got the best deal already, think again! Billbusters will find you savings you didn't even know existed! Money in your pocket. It's a no brainer!

    Nic Deland Avatar
    Nic Deland
  • Huge thanks and shout out to Bill Busters Canada and Candice Workman for saving me over 500$ on my new iPhone X’s! And getting my plan lowered as an extra bonus!

    Kara Lee Avatar
    Kara Lee
  • Helped a friend out who was having some insane billing from Rogers, and we got the following incredible results from BillBusters:

    -The tablet contract was completely wiped clean due to hidden costs.

    -Got over $600 in savings+credits.

    -Paying $25/month less in billing for 3GB more of Data.

    Great team to work with. Thank you!

    Daniyal Zafar Avatar
    Daniyal Zafar
  • Thank you Bill Busters!

    I am so greatdul for the help I received from you! You saved me so much on our cell phone bills, don't know how you did it but thank You!

    Lindsay Sullivan Avatar
    Lindsay Sullivan
  • AMAZING SERVICE! They were able to get me almost double my data for the same monthly price and deducted over $100 in charges and saved me so much money! They were so friendly, easy to work with and FAST. Would recommend these guys to anyone :)

    Jess Williams Avatar
    Jess Williams
  • I've managed to gain credits and discounts over the years, but it's amazing the magic they can work with getting you instant credits and the multiple ways they save you money.

    Liz M Raymond Avatar
    Liz M Raymond
  • Great service amazing prices

    Mike Karpishka Avatar
    Mike Karpishka
  • Great service saved me over a 2000$ Thank you michael

    Michael Brazill Avatar
    Michael Brazill
  • Excellent service, Excellent experience and excellent results. I could recommend to everyone looking to reduce their bills and possibly get some bonus credit added to the account.

    I like to think of myself as a savvy negotiator and enjoy haggling with providers on the phone however even with the amount of time I have spent on the phone with different providers I have never seen the results like Billbusters showed me.

    Forrest Vetter Wilson Avatar
    Forrest Vetter Wilson
  • Unbelievable!! $1400 in saving plus a new iPhone.

    Itai Olej Avatar
    Itai Olej
  • Bill busters did an amazing job with us. They really know the inside workings of the telecom industry and use that experience to get you deals that are otherwise unavailable to the average consumer. I highly recommend them.

    Renan Tenis Avatar
    Renan Tenis
  • Thrilled to be able to save over $500 on my internet and cable for the next year with better services! Michael at Bill Busters made it so easy!

    Nicola Croot Avatar
    Nicola Croot
  • Fantastic....Bill Busters Canada saved me over $1100....I was so impressed in the savings and credits Micheal was able to get me! I will totally use them again. Try them you will not regret it, I too was hesitant at first to use them but am over the moon with with the result!

    Amber Redshaw Avatar
    Amber Redshaw
  • Loved my experience with Bill Busters. Awesome service! Michael was able to save me $307.69 by taking a quick look at my previous bills and going back all the way to January. Really worth a try, you won't be disappointed!

    Ani Brooklyn Avatar
    Ani Brooklyn
  • Michael was fantastic and helped me great a great deal! I would highly recommend !

    Kayla May Anka Avatar
    Kayla May Anka
  • At first I was a little reluctant but I'm so happy that I took the chance and used Bill Busters!! Michael gave exceptional service and was very patient. He managed to save over $600!! I would definitely recommend Bill Busters!!

    Melissa D'Alonzo Avatar
    Melissa D'Alonzo
  • I got a credit of 717$ + 50$ savings on my monthly plan for phone and internet services from Bell. Thanks a bunch, bill busters!!!

    If you aren't sure you got the best deal with your service provider, ask Micheal to look at your bill you wont regret peace of mind.

    Jason Vermette Avatar
    Jason Vermette
  • Highly recommend! They saved me $1400 on my Rogers Cell phones and home plans. Thanks Michael and Candice!

    Larry Jhon Almuete Avatar
    Larry Jhon Almuete
  • Great service! Doubled my internet speed, and lowered my internet and phone bills! :) Thanks a lot!!

    Emily Manuel Avatar
    Emily Manuel
  • So beyond happy with the services provided. I incurred 900.00 in roaming charges, and Michael was able to eliminate 700.00 of these for me. Service was great, and would recommend him every time.

    Brianna Giff Avatar
    Brianna Giff
  • Great experience! Michael was able to negotiate a free new phone for me while at the same time lowering my monthly payments, got me MORE data and over $100 in credits �! Thank you!!

    Kelly Jones Avatar
    Kelly Jones
  • Thanks Michael for your help with our Rogers Mobile plan. Thanks to Bill Busters, we managed to get $485.38 in savings! We received credits on our account and a lower monthly fee. I would recommend Bill Busters to anyone who has any of the services that they support.

    Miquel Bertrand Avatar
    Miquel Bertrand
  • I saved 1000$ thanks to bill busters fast and professional 😆

    Patrick Sparrow Avatar
    Patrick Sparrow
  • I gave them two of my monthly bills; one from Koodo, one from Teksavvy. They

    were able to reduce both by a total of $28/month! Plus I got an instant credit f $108 just cuz, I highly recommend these guys

    Roger Helliwell Avatar
    Roger Helliwell
  • Bill busters saved me $400 a year on just a personal residential internet bill after I recently got my bill dropped by $15 a month 3 months ago and was told that was the "BEST DEAL" from Rogers. If you pay for a cell phone or internet message bill busters and get them to help you save money. They WILL lower your internet or phone bills.

    Zach Heydeman Avatar
    Zach Heydeman
  • Working with Michael was amazing! excellent service, honesty, commitment and amazing results. Michael was able to get me $984 dollars annual savings. My account with Bell is now in cero and BELL owes me money !!! It was a true blessing! Thank you, Michael!

    Gaby Saucedo Avatar
    Gaby Saucedo
  • Bill Busters saved more than $600 on my fido bills and plan adjustment. They helped me to get better deal at much cheaper then I was expecting price. Thank you guys!

    Irina Yakhyaev Avatar
    Irina Yakhyaev
  • I contacted Bill Busters on a whim. My monthly services were just getting to be too expensive. They not only got me a much better plan for my cell phone, but saved me $45/month, as well as some instant credits. They also brought my internet/cable bill down by $15/month! I’m super happy that I decided to contact them!! For anyone who needs some help with their monthly bills, I highly recommend them!!

    Melissa Blais Avatar
    Melissa Blais
  • In an hour they got me over 100$ back, saved me 20$ per month and got me 5 extra gigs of data per month! 3 months of not having to pay Rogers woooo :)

    Jordan Stroud Avatar
    Jordan Stroud

Stop giving your money away!

If you're paying for services with a Canadian telecom company, there's a good chance you've been paying too much for too long and we can help.

We will renegotiate your services on your behalf, resulting in lower monthly bills and/or credit added to your account. Your services won't change unless you want them to, and we will never pressure you to switch providers. Just straight savings. 

Once you're happy with the help you've received, we'll send an invoice for 35% of monthly savings and 50% of refunds negotiated. If we can't save you money, there is no fee for our time. It's that simple!

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3. You Save Money

You pay less for telecom each month and/or receive instant credit on your account.  We split monthly savings 35/65 and split refunds 50/50. 

Results. Guaranteed.

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